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Mark Smith

Mark Smith

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PostSubject: DARK MATTER - DARK ENERGY    DARK MATTER - DARK ENERGY  Icon_minitimeFri May 27, 2011 9:25 pm

From M. Bara

"Over the past few months since the release of my new book The Choice, I’ve taken some flak for referring to mainstream physicists as “blithering idiots” for their blind adherence to such nonsensical concepts as Dark Matter and Dark Energy. As I point out in The Choice, the Dark Matter mindset is generated from an almost genetic inability to recognize the obvious – all light, energy, and matter comes from somewhere outside this 3 dimensional universe; specifically, it comes from higher dimensions.
Like Stephen Hawking’s blind ramblings about the non-existence of heaven (which would, logically be the 4th dimension), most (if not all) physicists continue to cling to one now completely discredited idea; the visible Universe is a “closed” system. This means that all of the energy that can ever be was in fact created at one point, the ultimate singularity – The Big Bang. In reality, there is an unlimited amount of energy available to us in this 3D universe, gated into this three-dimensional realm as information coming from above – from a higher plane of existence. The key to unlocking this, as I describe in The Choice, is rotation. The greater the spin energy of given object, the more energy it can pull down from higher spatial dimensions. What these dimensions look like or what “laws” of physics they follow we can only guess, but we can see their undeniable signatures indelibly stamped on our 3D existence. One such signature is the ever increasing (and accelerating) expansion of the Universe itself.
From our vantage point, we discovered many years ago that our Universe was expanding, or at least everything seemed to be moving away from us at incredible speeds. This was eventually attributed to an event called The Big Bang (you may have heard of it). However, in this scenario, this explosion of incomparable energy had a finite limit. There was only so much energy in the Big Bang and nothing could add to that – at least that’s what the mainstream physicists decided. In their zeal to keep God out of the equations, the scientific materialists (believers in anything but God as an explanation for any phenomena) quickly decided that the Universe was a closed system – nothing could get in or out, including (and especially) energy. For if it did, if there was somehow a way to gate more energy from somewhere else, say the aforementioned 4th dimension (heaven), then they would have to also deal with that most uncomfortable of subjects , a deity. For it followed rather straightforwardly that if there was information descending from above (which would be experienced by us as energy by definition), then we too, as energetic beings, could be connected to this higher realm, perhaps even to our souls (our higher selves). Wishing to avoid this at all costs, the physicists who favored writing God out the math set about a series of experiments designed to “prove” there were no higher dimensions and no way for energy to come from them. I rip many of these experiments apart in The Choice, but most scientists still adhere to them, hoping to hang on to this last thread of sanity (as they see it) in the otherwise insane Universe that would then be ruled by what they see as magic.
The problem came in when they started testing their ideas against the real Universe. Time after time, observation after observation, their assumptions and biases were disproven. Objects have been observed to travel faster than light. The so called “constants” of physics (like gravity) have proven again and again to be anything but.
But the biggest issue was gravity. Mainstream physics assumes that there is a correlation between mass and gravity. Mass is, to utterly simplify it, anything that has weight or is solid in some way. The term for this is “baryonic matter.” So then it seems pretty simple that if there is “X” amount of matter in the Universe that will equate to “Y” amount of gravity, right? Well guess what? When they started looking at the galaxies around us, they found a real problem; there simply wasn’t enough baryonic matter – solid stuff – to hold the Universe together. In fact it wasn’t even close. Something on the order of 70% of the matter in the Universe – which their assumptions told them must be there, was simply missing. So they had a Choice. The physicists could either decide that their theories were wrong, or they could move the goalposts and come up with some ad-hoc explanation as to where all the missing stuff was.
They chose the latter.
And that is how the absurd concept of “Dark Matter” was born.
See, in this scenario, all that missing matter really is out there – we just can’t see it! It’s invisible! So it must be “dark” after all.
Then of course the physicists went on a decade’s long search for this mysterious “Dark Matter.” They haven’t found it of course, but they keep finding far more gravity than they should and then point to it and say “see, there it is!” But then they had another problem. Not only was there not enough stuff to hold everything together, on top of that, everything was accelerating too. See, this is a really BIG problem, because if you assume that A) all the energy that there ever will be was created in the Big Bang, and B) space is a vacuum, and C) you account for the minute gravitational influences of other distant galaxies, then there really is no way that observable galaxies should be accelerating away from each other. Everything should be expanding at a constant rate.
But it isn’t. It’s getting faster all the time.
So then, just having Dark Matter wasn’t enough. Now, they had to account for the increasing rate of recession too. But again, they couldn’t go to energy being gated from higher dimensions – no way! So thence was born the newest creation of the diseased mind of the modern physicist; “Dark Energy.”

“Dark Energy” (purple grid) acting against gravity (green grid)
Just like Dark Matter, Dark Energy was some mysterious undetectable force in the Universe that was pulling everything apart (but completely without the help of God of course). So now, they’ve gone looking for “Dark Energy” too. Recently, they’ve even claimed they’ve found it. In fact, as it now turns out, according to the mainstream physicists, Dark Matter and Dark Energy now make up something on the order of 96% of the known Universe.
But we just can’t see any of this stuff. Cause it’s like, invisible Beavis…
Well, me and my co-author on Dark Mission, Richard C. Hoagland, the father if Hyperdimensional physics (along with a few others) understand that there is a really simple alternative explanation for all this. Everything is being held together (and pulled apart) by one simple force:
The Hand of God.

If, as we theorized in Dark Mission and as I wrote more on in The Choice, it is rotation that creates gravity and energy, then the faster something like a galaxy spins, the more energy it is going to pull from these higher space-states. Not only that, but the more energy they pull through that gate, the faster they will spin and the more they will accelerate away from each other. Or, pretty much, our model predicts exactly what the scientists are seeing and attributing to the mythical “Dark Energy.”
And I’ll take it one step further. If, as we argue, it is “new” energy being drawn down from higher dimensions which is causing the acceleration, then it will do so in a predictable pattern. By our definition, the predominant force in the Universe is Dynamic Torsion, a left to right spiraling motion which is the way and the source of all things – including time itself. So it is not enough to simply trash the physicists for their silliness. I’m going to take it one step further and predict that if a pattern or a map of these recessionary paths is found, they will be revealed to follow this spiraling, constant forward motion.
So don’t believe it when you read that scientists have found proof of Dark Matter or Dark Energy. All they have found is another mystery which they can never truly explain in their limited, three dimensional way of thinking."

(by M. Bara)
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Roy Toshima

Roy Toshima

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PostSubject: Re: DARK MATTER - DARK ENERGY    DARK MATTER - DARK ENERGY  Icon_minitimeFri May 27, 2011 9:34 pm

Wow heavy discussion. study
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PostSubject: Re: DARK MATTER - DARK ENERGY    DARK MATTER - DARK ENERGY  Icon_minitimeFri May 27, 2011 9:43 pm

Like to hear more. Keep up the good work. cheers
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